DCS Service & Repair Services

DCS-Appliance-RepairThe appliances throughout our home are chosen for a reason. One choice may be for the design characteristics of the appliance, another might be a function or the ability to custom design an experience to your specific needs. Whether you have chosen a DCS appliance in your kitchen or laundry room at Sub-Zero & Viking Co. we understand the inconvenience you experience when your appliance is not working to its fullest potential. Sub-Zero & Viking Co. maintenance teams are fully trained in DCS appliance repair specifically geared toward DCS refrigerator repair, DCS range repair, and DCS cooktop repair. Each appliance needs a different level of attention, trust our team to get to work quickly and effectively in order to bring your DCS appliance back to life and working flawlessly. Call us atĀ ā˜Žļø(424)535-1265Ā orĀ schedule an appointmentĀ šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»Ā online today.

We Repair All DCS Appliances

DCS by Fisher & Paykel is an indoor and outdoor appliance company that Sub-Zero & Viking Co. has worked with at a factory and manufacturing level. Our team of appliance repair technicians has vast experience working with and repairing DCS refrigerators, ranges and cooktops. Knowing the ins and outs of appliances and what makes DCS appliances different than the others assists us in making the right repair diagnosis the first time. We have over ten years of experience working with DCS appliances and are confident in our quest to repair your appliance while giving you tips and tricks to keep it up and running with the precision it originally came with. Although DCS manufactures top-of-the-line appliances, they are not flawless! We will get to the problem quickly and be out of your home in no time, allowing you to get back to your regularly scheduled day.

Emergency DCS Refrigerator Repair

dcs-appliancesSub-Zero & Viking Co. appliance repair teams have experience learning about and performing hands-on repair with all makes and models of DCS appliances. Specifically, our team has extensive experience repairing DCS refrigerators when customers are experiencing issues. Refrigerator repair is often urgent; you donā€™t want the food in your freezer and refrigerator to spoil! DCS has designed refrigerators to use ActiveSmart technology that controls the humidity and temperature of the internal refrigerator and freezer environment to ensure your food is preserved to perfection. All models are stamped with Energy Star approval and even come with five separate temperature controls that include a freezer, chill, refrigerator, pantry, and wine! With such elegant features, when one goes out or the control panel needs servicing it is essential a Sub-Zero & Viking Co. technician is called immediately to fix the problem. Trust our experts to service your DCS ActiveSmart refrigerator model with total customer care. We will replace any damaged parts, check the installation, restart and replace control panels as well as inspect your freezer, crisper, and other settings for possible issues.

DCS Range Repair and Maintenance

Your range is a pivotal portion of your home. You may have chosen your DCS range and range top for its versatile features or convenient settings. Perhaps it was the design of the model that spoke to you or the fact that most DCS appliances are energy efficient and save you money. Whatever the reason might be, when your range or range top is out of commission you need fast solutions. Sub-Zero & Viking Co. repair teams have experience with a wide variety of DCS cooktops and ranges. We service their patented Dual Flow Burners, treat gas lines for large and small flames, adjust temperature controls, and inspect their Advanced Grease Management System switching between grill and griddle mode that effectively reduces flares and keeps your family safe. Some of the models we service include DCS Protop gas and griddle, DCS Protop gas, and DCS drop-in cooktop. In addition, we service ranges including DCS 48 inch professional 4, 5, and 6 burners dual fuel range for both ranges with grills and griddles as well as the DCS 6 burner gas range.

Whatever issue you are experiencing with your DCS appliance, Sub-Zero & Viking Co. technicians are on the case to help you get your kitchen appliances back up and running to top-notch operation standards. Our customer service representatives are ready to address any questions, comments, or concerns you might have with your DCS appliance or any other appliance that needs work or maintenance. Shortly after a prompt appointment has been made a technician will come out, diagnose and repair your refrigerator, range, or cooktop immediately and efficiently. Our competitive rates and high-quality repairs continuously keep our customers calling for repeat business.

Donā€™t waste another minute waiting for the problem to fix itself. Call our experienced DCS appliance repair team at Sub-Zero & Viking Co. to service your kitchen appliance today! We guarantee you will be happy you did! Call us atĀ ā˜Žļø(424)535-1265


The oven does not work

  • Possible CauseĀ The oven is not connected to electrical power.
    SolutionĀ Ensure the oven is connected to the power outlet.
  • Possible CauseĀ The household power supply is at fault.
    Solution The oven will go into ā€˜Set Upā€™ mode when the electricity is restored after a power cut. The oven mode and temperature displays will be unlit, unresponsive, and show ā€˜OFFā€™. The clock display will need to be reset.

The oven is not heating

  • Possible CauseĀ The oven door is not closed properly or has been opened too frequently during operation.
    SolutionĀ Close the oven door properly as oven elements and fans turn off while opened.

The oven door does not open

  • Possible CauseĀ The oven is still in a self-clean mode (in selected models only).
    SolutionĀ The oven door will unlock when it has cooled to a safe temperature.

The oven light does not work

  • Possible CauseĀ The light bulb has blown.
    SolutionĀ Replace the light bulb.
  • Possible CauseĀ The oven is not connected to electrical power.
    SolutionĀ Ensure the oven is connected to a power outlet.




Possible Cause:

  • Wash program unsuitable for the load.
  • Ensure no items are obstructing the spray arm path.
  • Drawer overloaded/ incorrectly loaded.
  • Filter plate/drain filter is incorrectly inserted.
  • Detergent put in the wrong compartment of the dispenser.
  • Excess food not removed from dinnerware prior to loading.
  • Unsuitable detergent
  • Not enough detergent
  • Spray arm holes are blocked. Clean the spray arm.
  • Filter plate/drain filter is blocked. Clean the filter plate and drain filter.


The refrigerator does not operate

  • Possible CauseĀ The power switch is not turned on at the wall.
    SolutionĀ Unplug the machine from the wall. Wait 60 seconds, plug back in and turn the power back on again.
  • Possible CauseĀ The household power supply is at fault.
    SolutionĀ Try plugging another electrical appliance into the power slot.

The storage compartments are too warm

  • Possible CauseĀ The temperature setting is not correct.
    SolutionĀ Ensure the correct temperature is set.
  • Possible CauseĀ The door is being opened frequently.
    SolutionĀ Minimize door openings to allow the refrigerator temperature to stabilize

There is a taste or odor in the ice cube trays

  • Possible CauseĀ There has been a transfer of taste/odor from foods that have not been covered properly.
    SolutionĀ Ensure strong smelling foods are wrapped.

The food inside the refrigerator is freezing

  • Possible CauseĀ Food has been placed directly in front of air outlets (Active Smart models only).
    Solution Move chill-sensitive foods away from the center of the shelf.
  • Possible CauseĀ Food has been placed directly in contact with the evaporator plate (Cyclic and Compact models only).
    Solution Move chill-sensitive foods away from the rear of the cabinet.

There is condensation inside the fresh food compartment

  • Possible CauseĀ The weather is humid or the door has been opened frequently.
    SolutionĀ Minimize the door openings to allow the temperature to stabilize and wipe dry.
  • Possible CauseĀ The door gasket is leaking.
    SolutionĀ Ensure the gasket is sitting flat and sealing tightly.

The motor appears to operate for long periods

  • Possible CauseĀ The weather is hot or the door is being opened frequently.
    SolutionĀ Minimize door openings to allow the temperature in the refrigerator to stabilize
  • Possible CauseĀ The refrigerator door is not sealing properly.
    SolutionĀ Ensure the cabinet is level and the gasket seals are clean.

Ice has built up inside the freezer compartment

  • Possible CauseĀ The freezer door is not closing properly.
    Solution Move items in the freezer so the door can close tightly. Ensure the door gasket seal is clean. For non-frost-free models, defrost the freezer if the ice has built up more than 6mm deep.

DCS Washer & Dryer Repair

Pressing the power button does not turn the machine on

  • Possible CauseĀ The power switch is not turned on at the wall.
    SolutionĀ Unplug the machine from the wall. Wait 60 seconds, plug back in and turn the power back on again.
  • Possible CauseĀ The household power supply is at fault.
    SolutionĀ Try plugging another electrical appliance into the power slot.

The machine is continually going out of balance

  • Possible CauseĀ The machine has not been installed correctly.
    SolutionĀ Check the machine is level and does not rock. Adjust the feet to level the machine.
  • Possible CauseĀ There is too much water for the load.
    Solution Manually selects a lower water level.

Clothes are heavily wrinkled or creased

  • Possible CauseĀ The washing machine or dryer has been overloaded.
    SolutionĀ Select the PERMANENT PRESS or CREASABLES option as this will select a slower, shorter spin speed.
  • Possible CauseĀ Wet clothes have been left to sit in the washer or laundry basket.
    Solution Hang the garments on the line or add them to the dryer as soon as the wash cycle has finished.

Pressing the START/PAUSE does not start the fill

  • Possible CauseĀ The water is not connected properly.
    SolutionĀ Check both hot and cold taps are turned on.
  • Possible CauseĀ The inlet hose screens are blocked.
    SolutionĀ Check the inlet hose screens and clear if blocked.

The machine is continuously filling

  • Possible CauseĀ The machine is siphoning.
    Solution To prevent siphoning:
  • the drain hose should not extend more than 20 mm from the end of the guide.
  • the height of the standpipe or tub should be between 850 ā€“ 1200 mm.
  • There is detergent residue on the garments at the end of the wash
  • Possible Cause The washing machine has been overloaded.
  • SolutionĀ Reduce the size of the load and return the garments to the wash cycle.
  • Possible Cause The detergent hasnā€™t dissolved.
  • SolutionĀ Check the detergent instructions, as some need to be pre-dissolved.
  • Possible Cause Coldwater has been used for a hot water detergent.
  • Solution Some detergents may not dissolve properly in cold water, check the instructions of the detergent.

A small puddle of water is coming from under the machine

  • Possible Cause Excessive splashing has occurred because the water level is too high for the number of garments
    SolutionĀ Manually select a lower water level
  • Possible CauseĀ Excessive splashing has occurred because there are large bulky garments in the machine.
    SolutionĀ Wash on the Duvet/Doona, the Handwash or Delicate cycles

The garments are still soiled after the wash process

  • Possible CauseĀ There is not enough detergent for the size of the load or the amount of soil on the garments.
    SolutionĀ Increase the amount of detergent. See your detergent pack for recommended usage.
  • Possible CauseĀ The washer has been overloaded.
    Solution Reduce the number of garments in the machine.
  • Possible CauseĀ The incorrect wash settings have been used.
    Solution Increase the level selected on the machine and the wash temperature according to the soil type. For example, blood and mud are better washed in cold water, while oily soils wash better in warmer water. Separate light and heavily soiled items, as clothes, can pick up soil from the dirty wash water. Loads made up of articles of varying sizes will wash better (e.g. full loads of sheets may not wash as well).

Garments have become tangled in the washing machine

  • Possible CauseĀ The machine has used too much water (i.e. the wash has been under-loaded).
    SolutionĀ Select a lower water level for smaller wash loads.
  • Possible CauseĀ Garments have been loaded incorrectly.
    SolutionĀ Load garments into the machine without wrapping around the agitator.
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