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Washer Repair Los Angeles

There’s nothing fun about going to the laundry mat. Not only do you have to deal with the headache of waiting for your dirty laundry gathering up in one corner of your home until you have enough to justify picking it up and taking it to the laundry mat, but you have to also deal with travel expenses, the headache of keeping track of the machines your using, and the hassle of being in a small space with people who are every bit as stressed as yourself. On top of all that, even though you fed twenty dollars’ worth of quarters into the various machines, your clothes never seem to get quite clean enough or quite dry enough. The less you can go to the laundry mat, the happier you’re going to be.

The best way to reduce the number of times you have to suffer through the indignity of going to the laundry mat is to make sure your personal washing machine stays in good repair. Call us at ☎️(424)535-1265.

Keep track of the size of loads you wash. Resist the impulse to overstuff the machine. You will regret it. By sticking to a standard sized load, you will find that in addition to reducing the amount of wear and tear you place on your washing machine, you’re also going to discover the smaller load size also creates cleaners clothing, because the water and soap get to all of the clothing, cleansing them properly.

In addition to making sure you don’t overstuff your washing machine, we strongly urge you to contact Sub-Zero & Viking Co and set up an appointment for them to come out and check out your washing machine. Just because you haven’t noticed anything actually wrong with your washing machine, it doesn’t mean it’s in perfect working order. When our technician comes to your home and inspects your machine they will check to make sure all the parts are in good working order. If they see signs of a potential problem, they’ll let you know. At this point, you will be able to decide if you want to have the part replaced then and there, or if you would rather wait. By addressing the issue right away, you will;

  • Reduce the chances of you having a washing machine emergency in the future
  • Extend the life of your appliance, possibly by several years
  • Keep your energy bills as low as possible. A well-maintained washing machine is one that uses minimal power.

At Sub-Zero & Viking Co we constantly hear how appliances like washing machines aren’t made the way they used to be. We agree. We think they’re much better than the machines of yesterday. Sure, they might need a little more TLC than the older models, but they’re also capable of doing so much more than those older versions, and they use a fraction of the energy your parent’s machines required. The additional features and electronics attached to the machines make them

a little more work, but we maintain, that, as long it’s properly cared for, you should get years and years of use from your appliance and experience very little trouble.

The only thing the continued use of the machine accomplishes will be the increased chance of you doing more damage to your appliance, and increasing the amount of repair work that needs to be done.

Unlike our competitors who often act as if there’s no reason to hurry to your home or place of business, we know understand exactly how stressful the malfunctioning appliance can be. We see no logical reason to further compound your stress by making you wait several days for the needed repairs or to give up a day’s work so you can wait around for a repair person who refused to commit to a set time. We offer same-day service.

We make it a point to keep our business ethics. Not only do we provide an estimate, but you can also rest assured that it’s an accurate estimate. Way back in 1999 we vowed we’d honor any estimate we provided. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or gimmicks. We won’t even charge travel expenses.

In the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve discovered the only way we can stand by our work and ensure our customers that the repair will last is by using great techs and great parts. We have done everything possible to hire the best washing machine repair techs in the area, not only do they have an enormous amount of experience and a professional attitude, but they also have been factory certified. Our techs can repair any make or model of the washing machine, including:

  • Kenmore
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Lg
  • Maytag
  • Sears
  • Samsung
  • Montgomery Ward

Some things can’t be foreseen. It’s possible that when you start a load of laundry something just won’t be quite right. When this happens you should not keep using the machine and hope the issue resolves itself. You need to shut the appliance off, remove your dirty laundry, and contact Sub-Zero & Viking Co right away. The sooner you call, the less the faulty appliance will impact your life. We routinely fix all sorts of problems including:

    • Shaking machines (alignment problem)
    • Machines where the water drains slowly, or it stays in the tub
    • Not enough water
    • Leaking machine
    • Leaking attachment hose
    • Getting stuck on a cycle and being unable to advance to the next stage
    • Noise
    • Malfunctioning spin cycle
    • Digital display not working
    • Odors
    • Broken pumps and connecting ducts
    • Water too hot or too cool
    • The door won’t close, or it won’t unlock
    • Refusal to start
    • Your washing machine is dead or won’t turn on. In most cases, this is caused by a tripped, off-balance switch from an imbalanced load that can be easily rectified by redistributing clothes. Otherwise, you may have a problem with the timer circuitry or your outlet, which our professionals can take care of.
    • Your washing machine is not spinning properly or at all. Broken spinning mechanism. When clothes are soaked at the end of a wash cycle, it may indicate that the washer isn’t spinning. This could be due to a defective lid switch or lid plunger, burned-out spin solenoid, damaged wires, broken or worn-out drive belt, or a bad timer contact.
    • There is no agitation. There are many causes for no agitation including a worn drive belt, agitator assembly, wigwag plunger/lifter, transmission mode lever, or drive spindle. It may also be caused by a bad internal timer contact, bad lid switch, or malfunctioning pressure switch.
    • Excessive vibration. If you notice excessive vibration, your washer may not be leveled properly or could be located on a weakened wood floor. Worn damper pads or snubber pads may also be to blame.
    • Your washing machine leaks. Excess soap, loose hoses, drain hose clogs, and leaking pumps, tubs, or tub water injection hoses could be to blame for leaks and other similar damage.
    • The water is not draining properly. Water will remain in the drum if you have a defective pump, worn drive belt, or clogged drain hose. When it doesn’t drain properly, it could lead to serious problems.
    • There is no cold water. The cold-water valve may be turned off or there may be sediment buildup in the valve.
    • Wash cycles leave spots on clothes. Spots that won’t remove with soap and water may cause by transmission oil from a defunct transmission.
    • Wash cycles leave the soap in clothes. A defective timer contact or sediment-clogged cold-water valve may be the cause of excess soap left in your clothes.

There’s not a single problem we can’t handle. No matter what issue you’ve encountered will get it fixed right away. We’re so confident in our ability to manage a lasting repair, any follow-up service call will be free of charge.

Washing Machine Parts that Sub-Zero & Viking Co Appliance can replace any part on your washer:

  • Belts
  • Timers
  • Pumps
  • Hoses
  • Lid switches
  • Lid plungers
  • Pressure switches
  • Agitator assemblies
  • Drive spindles
  • Wigwag plunger/ lifters
  • Transmission mode levers
  • Transmissions
  • Solenoids
  • Damper/ snubber pad

We have someone standing by right now to provide you with the assistance you need. You can reach them 24/7. If you call us soon enough, we can send one of our brilliant technicians to your home or business and have the problem solved before any dirty laundry accumulates.